Comfort With A Twist

"Nobody went downtown unless they worked. So you bring in this high-end dining restaurant that served good food, it just made people want to go downtown," said Abilene resident Erin Schroeder.Brian Green opened the upscale restaurant in 1993, starting the trend for downtown dining. "I think that one restaurant caused this whole domino effect," said Schroeder.

Green passed away almost two years ago but his legacy lives on through Cypress Street Station through the hands of new owners. "Once Brian passed away, it needs an identity so we're hoping to put our stamp on it and continue his legacy," said new owner Terry O'Connor.

New owners, Terry and Amanda O'Connor, plan to revitalize the restaurant that so many Abilineans have visited over the past two decades. "We know we have great bones, we know we have a lot of great things in place instead of changes I might say improvements," said Amanda O'Connor. "We have very large goals, and I think they're all attainable but we've got some work to do and that will be a work in progress," said Terry O'Connor.

Amanda is especially excited for the new ownership since it brings her back to the Big Country, where she grew up. "I'm so excited to be here. We're very blessed to have that whole community around us," said Amanda O'Connor.

With new owners come changes but even long time friend of Brian Green, Erin Schroeder, is excited to see new things happen at Cypress Street Station."These people are really excited, they have a lot of experience behind them," said Schroeder."No one needs to worry. At the end of the day if the food is good that's really all that matters," said Terry O'Connor.Cypress Street Station will continue to feed Abilineans at its regular hours.